Season’s Greetings from Young Enterprise

As we come to the end of a very successful year for Eastbourne and Wealden Schools in the Young Enterprise Company Programme we wish everyone who has been part of the programme and all the schools who are participating in programmes this year, as well as all sponsoring organisations and volunteers, a very peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and a successful and Happy New Year.

Do please check the website for dates for this school year and for some of the highlights of the last year.

New Year and New Challenges

In the new year the Young Enterprise day programmes Launch Pad and Learn to Earn will begin again for 12-19 year olds.

Launch Pad

is a fast-paced, engaging enterprise challenge which provides an introduction to employabilityskills. It meets six of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks on Good Careers Guidance.

Students work alongside inspiring Business Volunteers who support students to discover more about themselves and develop key skills which are valued in the workplace. Through a series of hands on, fun activities students work in teams on the early stages of launching a fledgling business, balancing a budget as well as creating a brand identity and marketing strategy. Students learn about their personal strengths and preferences and what this means for both working in a team and for their own development. They learn to appreciate the importance of teamwork and learn more about different roles that contribute to running a business.

Learn to Earn

helps young people learn to make informed choices about future careers In a rapidly changing world and also contributes towards six of the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

Students are encouraged to consider financial plans for the future, set goals and think about their future study options. Learn to Earn provides students with a clearer understanding of the routes to jobs and careers that they will find engaging and rewarding. It widens students’ horizons, challenges stereotypes and raises aspirations. The programme provides students with knowledge of the skills necessary to make successful transitions to the next stage of their life. Themes such as personal skills and talents, career choices, recruitment, job interviews, salaries, earnings, tax and the cost of living, financial planning and budgeting are explored through hands on practical activities. Students have the opportunity to learn about the job and career opportunities available, and to consider how their personal strengths and preferences may fit with different career paths.

Further details can be found at www.yeew.org.uk. Any schools wishing to run a day programme in early 2020 please call Matt Ryan on 07867 001 515 or email matt.ryan@y-e.org.uk.

In the meantime, Seasons Greetings from us all at Young Enterprise.