Free Young Enterprise Thermal Mug

Hope you had a good summer break.

We would like to talk to you about the benefits of the Young Enterprise Company Programme and how it can help meet your objectives for student employability and financial skills, the Gatsby benchmarks and benefit your next Ofsted inspection.

With efforts to reduce plastic now having a high-profile, one of the Young Enterprise companies recently sold paper straws in attractive colours (we sent some samples to you in the post in July) and thermal mugs.  If you agree to a short meeting we will be delighted to present you with a thermal mug; part of our contribution to saving the planet.

The Young Enterprise Company Programme ticks all the boxes.  With the current focus on employment skills, enterprise and entrepreneurship, participating ensures that your students learn key skills such as teamwork, leadership, money management, presentation skills and gain hugely in their personal self-confidence.

From your own perspective, the programme also helps meet seven out of eight key Gatsby benchmarks.

We would like to take just 20 minutes of your time to share with you further details.  To arrange a short meeting or telephone discussion please email Matt Ryan (matt.ryan@y-e.org.uk) or call him on 07867 001515.