Young Enterprise Can Help Meet your Careers Objectives – Join Us at The Amex Stadium for The Area Showcase & Finals

Come to this year’s Young Enterprise Showcase and Finals at the Amex Stadium on the evening of the 25th April and see an exciting way that you can meet your careers commitments for the Gatsby benchmarks and Ofsted assessments.

With Ofsted now assessing performance for CIAEG (Careers Information Advice & Educational Guidance) and performance against the Gatsby benchmarks as one of the priorities in their inspections, meeting the standards and your commitments in this respect is becoming more and more important. The Young Enterprise Company programme provides an exciting, engaging, fulfilling and highly successful method of compliance whilst also achieving great outcomes for individual students.

Young Enterprise ticks seven out of the eight Gatsby benchmarks, but most importantly it also equips young people for the world of work, increasing their understanding of both employment and entrepreneurship (and intrapreneurship) whilst also improving their self-presentation, teamwork, leadership skills and self-confidence.

Come to the Young Enterprise Finals

Amex Stadium 25th April 5.30 for 6.00 Start

Come and see Young Enterprise in action. See the products and services that the teams have developed and sold, their trade stands, their presentations and, most importantly, what they have achieved and gained from the programme. You will also have the chance to meet those on the local Young Enterprise Boards and local businesses who believe in and sponsor the Young Enterprise programme in the area.

Bring your appropriate colleagues or, if you cannot make it to the event, please pass this invitation on. To confirm numbers, please visit our website to register:


We look forward to seeing you there. If you need any further information beforehand or indeed would like to meet the local Young Enterprise Manager, Matt Ryan, sooner please contact him on: 07867 001515 / matt.ryan@y-e.org.uk.