What is School For? 

Posted on September 22, 2018at 11:56 am

Early in September 2018 the Big Issue focused its attention on education with its issue Class Action – What’s school for?  Its editorial covered a wide range of subjects from comparison with the education in Finland to the 1997 Labour Government focus on Education, Education, Education, and the rise in popularity of Home Education.  Its article “Teaching our way out of the debt crisis” mentioned that the UK is below average at teaching financial education, coming 15th out of 30 in an OECD league table and that 50% of parents want more financial education for their children and are happy if time on other core national curriculum subjects is reduced to accommodate this.  Clearly there is room for improvement as the debt crisis continues to grow in the UK.

Liam Geraghty, who wrote the article, said “In theory kids should leave school fully prepared for the wider world – financial education has been on the national curriculum in England and Wales since 2014.” But he then asks “Is the information delivered in classrooms enough to keep heads above water?”

Answering that question was Russell Winnard from “leading financial education charity Young Enterprise” who said “No, it’s not.”

He added “I think the slightly unfortunate news is that putting financial education into the national curriculum has not made any substantial difference.  The academisation of schools [almost a third of state schools have become academies] has had an impact – academies don’t have to follow the national curriculum.

“It’s also about what national curriculum we give to schools and winning the hearts and minds of teachers, because education is about preparing our young people for the next state of life and the world of work.”

The article went on to talk about the work of MyBnk a charity that provided workshops on financial education for 26,000 young people last year from the age of seven to vulnerable adults aged up to 25, mainly in the London area.  This programme is now mandatory for care leavers in some London boroughs.  Attendees are three times less likely to fall into rent arrears than their peers and none of the attendees has been evicted, according to their survey.

Another development is in Apps including one called RoosterMoney which aims to tap into kids’ tech savvy to track their income to help them make responsible for purchase decisions from as young as four.

Apparently while financial education is a part of the national curriculum in citizenship it is not part of the exam so where league tables matter most it gets squeezed out.

The all-party parliamentary group on financial education found in 2016 that that almost a fifth of teachers involved in teaching are not confident in the subject. Clearly more work needs to be done there too.

Having the final word in the article, Russell Winnard said “When you come out of school and you all of a sudden have access to a range of products on offer, it can be really confusing and hard to find out what is best to do. The news you see of people who can’t cope in that situation can be truly devastating.  It’s an important area for young people because the mistakes that they can fall into can have serious consequences.”

Whilst the Young Enterprise Company programme was not mentioned in the article, being part of the programme for most of a school year at a critical time in a young person’s education does not just benefit the person who takes on the role of Financial Director but everyone in the company learns about financing of the business and learns budgeting, together with many other new skills they will need in the world of work.

Further information on the Company programme can be obtained at www.yeew.org.uk or from Martyn Billing, the Chair of Young Enterprise in Eastbourne & Wealden on 01323 487330 / 07721 058409 / martyn@calibremarketing.co.uk.

South East Regional Finals

Posted on May 22, 2018at 8:55 am

South East Regional Finals – 13th June 2018 – Guildford Cathedral

Trade Fair Results

Posted on May 01, 2018at 8:38 am

Local Teams Sell-out Success

This year’s major trade fair for the local Young Enterprise board, was held recently in the Arndale Centre.  Strong sales were reported by the companies present from the local schools and colleges with feedback on the value of this trading opportunity being excellent.

All of the teams competing in this year’s Young Enterprise competition in the Eastbourne and Wealden area were present at the fair.  In addition, a school from Horsham used the opportunity to sell their products.

Tying in with the current national focus on reducing single use plastics and non-recyclable coffee cups, Prestige, the company trading from St Catherine’s College decided to sell re-usable hot drinks cups and straws, which were on sale at the trade fair.  Two of their three products sold-out towards the end of the day, proving their popularity.

Echo, the company from Lindfield School, were selling their own uniquely designed birthday and greetings cards with the designs drawn and prepared by the young people themselves.  Again, some versions proved very popular and sold-out.

Three awards were presented on the day.  The one for Best Customer Service, was won by Prestige from St Catherine’s College.  The Best Trade Stand, supported by The Arndale Centre, was awarded to Echo from The Lindfield School who also won the Mystery Shopper Award.

Stephen Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne, kindly visited the event and presented awards to the winners.  Stephen has been a supporter of Young Enterprise ever since it came to Eastbourne and believes the Company Programme opens up opportunities for young people to get a taste for running their own business in a unique way.  He has followed with interest the students who have gone on to start their own businesses after finishing their education and recognised the development and increased self confidence in many of the students who partipate.

For further information about Young Enterprise in the Eastbourne & Wealden area and how you can support us please go to www.yeew.org.uk.

Trade Fair

Posted on February 05, 2018at 3:23 pm

Trade Fair

24th March 2018

Arndale Centre

Area Finals

Posted on February 04, 2018at 2:29 pm

Area Finals,

23rd April 2018,

Eastbourne College….

Sussex County Finals

Posted on February 03, 2018at 2:35 pm

Sussex County Finals, 2nd May 2018, Worthing Assembly Halls…

FSB Continues Sponsorship of YE

Posted on March 21, 2017at 12:36 pm

We are pleased to announce that the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) has continued its sponsorship of the prestigious Company of the Year award with Eastbourne & Wealden Young Enterprise.  This continues a long association with the local YE board, the FSB having been one of the founder sponsors when the Young Enterprise company programme was reinstigated in the area a few years ago.

The Federation of Small Businesses offer their members a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise, support and a powerful voice in government. Their mission is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions.  Members receive an exclusive package of business services including advice, financial products and support. These cover a wide range of benefits such as tax, legal and HR, local network groups, business banking and mentoring.

We continue to appreciate the FSB’s support for this valuable scheme for young people in the Eastbourne & Wealden area.  If you would like to be involved as a sponsor, a business advisor or similar then please do not hesitate to contact us.  For further details on the FSB, please see their website at: www.fsb.org.uk

Iconic Products & Performance

Posted on March 19, 2017at 1:27 pm

A case study is available to view featuring the East Sussex Iconic company team from Seaford Head Sixth Form College.  This explains how they turned around a slow start to their programme into a thriving business that is now continuing even after the Young Enterprise finished.

The team eventually settled on producing mugs featuring iconic East Sussex landmarks.  The first two editions were of the famous Seven Sisters cliffs and the Cuckmere valley.  Both of these beautiful locations are not far from the school itself and are very popular with visitors to the county.

Despite the slow start, the company won the Brighton Hove & Lewes Area Finals, also winning best product and best governance, and then progressed to the East Sussex County Final, where they again won best governance and also a special prize for most improved company in the county.

A full case study about their experience and how they plan to continue to run the company can be read by clicking here.  For details of how you can get involved, please contact us.

Local Teams Make Early Sales Success

Posted on February 26, 2017at 3:34 pm

This year’s major trade fair for the local Young Enterprise board, held in the Arndale Centre recently, proved another great success.  Not only were strong sales reported by the companies present from the local schools and colleges but also the feedback about the event was excellent.

All of the teams competing in this year’s Young Enterprise competition in the Eastbourne and Wealden area were present at the fair.  Products on offer included Valentine’s Day gift bags and a fantastic range of Eastbourne souvenirs.  A video of the event, kindly made by Eastbourne Buzz, can be seen here:

There were two awards presented on the day.  That for Best Customer Service, sponsored by Bespoke Training (Eastbourne), was won by ‘Chromatic’ from St Catherine’s College.  Meanwhile, the prize for Best Trade Stand, supported by The Arndale Centre, was awarded to ‘Millennium +’ from Ratton School.

In addition, the Mystery Shopper award was professionally assessed by Shoppers Anonymous in a completely discreet manner.  None of the teams and even the representatives from the Eastbourne & Wealden Young Enterprise Board know who the shopper is. The results, together with a professional report for each team, are not known until several days after the event.  The winners were ‘Millennium +’ from Ratton School, who scored a very impressive 100%, a fantastic achievement!

The local MP for Eastbourne, Caroline Ansell, kindly visited the event and presented awards to the winners.  She commented: “It doesn’t get much tougher than trading in such a busy place as the Arndale Centre on a Saturday, so well done to the teams and especially the winners for working so hard’.

‘This sort of competition fosters the skills young people need to succeed in the workplace. It helps breed the next generation of entrepreneurs and I was impressed again this year with the quality of the teams’ drive to win.  When I spoke to the students all told me the experience had been very valuable and they learnt a great deal about what it takes to run a successful business, so this was a great event.”

For further information about Young Enterprise in the Eastbourne & Wealden area and how you can support us please go to www.yeew.org.uk.

Sponsors Sought

Posted on February 26, 2017at 2:49 pm

With all of the renewed activity, we continue to need funds to support the various events.  Therefore, if your company, or you personally, are able to provide sponsorship or other financial support then that would be much appreciated.

Thanks once again to all of our current sponsors, who are identified here on our website.  Please give them your support.

If you are able to contribute to our costs, in return for appropriate recognition and knowing you are supporting such a good cause, then please contact Martyn Billing (martyn@calibremarketing.co.uk / 07721 058409).  Thanks.